26 October 2013


I saw seth's 'rubber stamp diaries' loved their aesthetic... thought also that having a pre-existing grid of panels might be a way to play a little, seeing as how i'm pretty unsatisfied with the way this ol' blog's looking at present. Shall see.

21 October 2013


And here's a sketch I drew.

10 October 2013

ISSUE NO. 820 - "LEON"

Just so's you know... this doesn't quite do justice to how, well, degrading is a strong word... or how pretentious the whole thing was... Fuck it, I'll draw a proper comic about it soonish... but this company calls their staff "superstars" as standard.... managers are "mum" or "dad"....

My favourite issue was with the lady saying "But IF you want a job where you just go in, and mop... and don't become friends with anyone, and go home at the end of the night... this isn't for you! Leon is a Family! we LOVE working here, and I'm looking for the right SUPERSTARS today..."

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”  - Bukowski

Walking out was the best thing I've ever done... I cant believe no one else did... Looking around I saw some folks who were obviously kinda uncomfortable with the whole thing... but still they stayed.

No one really appreciates that the interview thing works both ways. Hell, she lost me at the word "Superstar"... But heck what do I know... they're the ones with a successful company, right.