30 June 2017



Anonymous said...

So..... endings are beginnings.......would be interesting to know if any (or how many) other people were dropped by deliveroo.........sending you good vibes..... x GJ

Nervousinacape said...

yeas indeed... well there was another girl dropped with vaugue excuses last week... we'll have to see what they do to the strikers on sunday (theres about 130 of them, and they have a lawyer advising to keep it all legit)

thanks for the good vibes!

Nervousinacape said...

Yeah, I guess fire isn't the right word technically.. its bad, but these terrible companies don't actually employ people outside their office staff.. their only business model is to avoid the responsibilities that employers have - like sick pay or holiday pay, or y'know tax contributions... so technically Im a "self employed contractor" and they've just ended the one sided "collaboration" we had.

still, they were trying to force a new contract on us (would've been the third I'd had in a year!) with even fewer guarantees of stable payment, I had no intention to sign, and would probably find myself in the same situation next week when the deadline runs out. ho hummnns